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Why Highly Concentrated CBD Vape Cartridge Crystallize
This crystallization is actually a sign of purity & quality. In recent months, here at Aztec CBD, we have been receiving emails and complaints from users who have found that their CBD oil vapes have crystallized. That’s we have decided to put together this explainer article to provide an in-depth explanation. If you are here, the chances are good that […] CONTINUE READING →
CBD Dosage
CBD Dosage Are you using the right CBD dosage? We all know it’s frustrating to try something out but not knowing how much to have. Most people would tell you to “take one drop of CBD per day”, but do we actually think that’s correct? We think not! Due to there not being a recommended daily intake, there is no […] CONTINUE READING →
CBD Oil Benefits & How to use it?
CBD Oil Benefits & How to use it? Cannabidiol (CBD) is emerging as a powerful supplement with anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to help several previously untreatable illnesses. CBD is fast becoming the second most popular, studied and used cannabinoid after THC. Used in oil form, it can be utilised for many purposes. CBD Content CBD – or Cannabidiol oil […] CONTINUE READING →
Use of CBD in skincare products
Use of CBD in skincare products The treatment of skin conditions can be a minefield for most people as they try treatment after treatment.  There are thousands of skin care options available, but there is no guarantee that any of them will work.  If you have exhausted the usual treatments then CBD or cannabis-based skin care could be the answer […] CONTINUE READING →
CBD and Vaping???
CBD and Vaping??? So lets see there are a lot of ways to accomplish the same task. This has never been more true for Cannabidiol (CBD). With the rising demand for CBD products, there are a range if different ways to get your daily dose. They range from sublingual sprays, to vaping CBD oils, to smoking good old fashioned joints. […] CONTINUE READING →


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